All our taxi drivers can give you a detailed bill at the end of the journey. Just ask the driver when you have arrived safely at your destination.


Companies and regular customers

In order to save time, you can opt for the free service of paying the bill at a later stage.  In this way you and your staff can avoid having to pay for the taxi service in advance or at the time of the ride.  Your company will receive a detailed bill at the end of the month, thus permitting an easier and more efficient management of your transport expenses.  Contact us directly if you are interested in this delayed payment billing service.

Modes of payment

All of our  taxis are equipped with a bank card payment terminal.  We also accept payments by cheque or in cash.

Prepayment online with Monetico is a service provided by Euro-Information, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel – CIC Group. The service has been chosen by TAXIS OFFICIEL AEROPORT MARSEILLE PROVENCE for the collection of its bills. Your payment transaction is done on a dedicated space and is totally secured. For this, we will send you a secure link to make your payment online